TDVA WiFi Programs

TDVA installed Wi-Fi service on April 3, 2015 for the first floor recreation room, now Veterans can use this high speed service from a number of lacations that are close by. We also added WI-Fi on June 28, 2013 at the VA Polytrauma Transitional Rehabilitation Program (P.T.R.P) for veterans recovering from traumatic brain injury. This center is a must for those Heroes transitioning back into what we know as normalcy. The Staff at the VA reached out to us and we had to make this social connection possible. Any time you see this sign you know the internet is just a click away.

Also on the 1st of November 2012 the Texas Disabled Veterans Association was able to donate WiFi Service at Audie L. Murphy Veterans Hospital in San Antonio Texas. This state of the art high speed service is now available to our Spinal Cord Injury Unit through four routers that are place strategically so that service can reach our Inpatients, Outpatients, Lobby Area, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Recreational Therapy. Family members can also use this system while they wait for their loved ones. Because of Budget constraints the VA could not afford to do this for the entire hospital so by networking and with the help of some very thoughtful people in the VA all the way to the Past Director, (Marie Weldon) it happened. This social connection is so very important because such a large part of our population is bed bound while they are on the unit. So we all here at TDVA give out a special thanks to all those people involved.