An Honorable Mission

There exists no more courageous an individual than an American Veteran. These individuals have risked all, and at times sustained physical, mental or emotional injuries, protecting our families and our freedoms. The Texas Disabled Veteran Association (TDVA) works as an advocate for all of these outstanding men and women. We commit ourselves to every level of these individual’s care and to the assurance of their service’s real and lasting rewards.
The TDVA provides assistance to veterans seeking the benefits acquired through military service, provided by the Department of Veterans Affairs and other local government and community agencies. We provide various charitable and volunteer outreach and service programs in order to benefit our members. By law, the TDVA also honors our responsibility to the American Armed Forces by actively recruiting and retaining energetic, experienced, dedicated and driven veterans to manage and guarantee more than adequate resources for our members in need. We strive to be a one-stop information resource for the American Armed Forces, dedicated to maximizing the quality of life and opportunities for retired, active duty, wounded and disabled veterans and their immediate family members as well as the disabled community.