Leadership With Vision

The Texas Disabled Veterans Association was created by a small group of retired military veterans from various branches of service to serve severely disabled veterans. Since that time, our organization has rapidly expanded to include all veterans displaying a real-world need for assistance.

Our organization strives daily to improve the quality of life for veterans, even if only in some small way. Our long-term goal is to assist our members through the provision of education and aid resources, the advocation of veteran’s rights, follow-up on the latest medical research and the security of physical and psychological therapy through appropriate agencies.

We have designed the TDVA to work in collaboration with corporations, institutions, the Veterans Association and other support groups committed to the improvement of medicine, healthcare, disabled rights and opportunities that serve to maximize our members’ independence.

In addition, we participate in yearly fund-raising activities to drive our outreach programs. We humbly accept any and all monetary donations and have made such contributions tax deductible.

Meet Our Board of Directors

Board President
Donald Burton

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Board Vice President
Dan Castillo

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Member at Large
Steve Lynn

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Thank you for your interest in our organization. Please feel free to contact us directly on our web site or at our office, any time, for further information.

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