TDVA Computer Program

The Texas Disabled veterans Association(TDVA) launched the Computer Program for Veterans on 20 May 2009. In an effort to continue its empowerment to fellow veterans, the TDVA has evolved its service-oriented resources to include access to online computer technology by providing laptop and desktop computers acquired from donations and refurbished by fellow veterans.

Many veterans have returned back to school along with seeking new employment opportunities with the new tools they have been given. The TDVA computer program collaborates with American Legion Post 179 (New Braunfels, Texas), The National Cristina Foundation, The San Antonio Coalition of Veterans, and ShurMed EMS in acquiring donated computers. Computers are refurbished and reprogrammed and installed with the latest antivirus and basic user friendly software by Joseph Forbes of SNX Consulting (Computer Expert).

The TDVA and the Spinal Cord Injury Unit Physical Therapy & Occupational Therapy Clinic created a small computer lab for in-patients and out-patients to have ready access to a PC. The computer lab has three DELL Desktops with Win XP software, open office, voice-recognition software, and a job resume writing program. TDVA recently removed the three out dated DELL Desktops and replaced them with one updated desktop with Windows XP software, Open Office, Voice-Recognition Software, Job Resume Writing Program, Wi-Fi ready and a New Flat Screen Monitor.

As of February 8, 2016 84 desktops and laptops have been given to veterans since May 2009. TDVA continuously seeks donations of desktop and laptop computers from corporations and individuals, our goal is to keep veterans communicating online continuing education, managing finances, and communicating with their families and friends.