The TDVA way of doing Safe Holiday Business

I wanted to follow up on our issues that we are working with through and during the holiday season. As in the past we at TDVA is helping as many as possible, in trying to understand this pandemic and it’s changing ways. I want to cover three areas that we are helping with at the Veterans Administration.

1. Virtual Thanksgiving Bake Sale: The concern with close encounters has caused the VA to rethink this fund raiser so they have asked us to donate and we have. I hope we can get back to normal next year, time will tell.

2. Adopt a Veteran Holiday Food Basket: As in the past we have purchased 40 gift cards so that families in need can buy hams or turkeys to provide for their families. VAVS will determine the need through the chaplain’s office. Always a grate cause.

3. Therapeutic Float Therapy: The VA having no internal resources to help in this area, requested through their social worker that we might help, a Veteran who suffers from debilitating headaches, migraines and chronic PTSD. This veteran is being helped and they recommend sessions of flotation therapy, a trial to assess the benefit of a minimal stimulation environment on managing the veteran’s symptoms, since primary triggers are visual and auditory stimulation. This therapy would be a compliment to the interdisciplinary interventions the veteran is currently receiving. God willing, this will be a success and the veteran will live a richer life.