TDVA – Team Spearhead Participates In WILD WILD WEST HAMMERFEST RIDE

The Hammerfest routes covered 17, 34, 53, and 65 miles over hill counrty Texas roads. Team members of 5 rode all the routes, riders were Gil and Caroline Garcia, Terry Maritnez, Brian Perez and Juan Rodriguez. Support Staff provided SAG vehicles, water, snacks and morale support. Support Staff members were Jessie Beltran, Cindy Andrade Russell, Bernice Perez, Lauren Perez, Bryce Perez, Veronica Rodriguez, and Eliza Rodriguez. Pictured above are all the team members who participated and encouraged disabled veterans and able-bodied citizens to work together by promoting exercise, camaraderie, and teamwork! Come join the team by simply contacting us on the website!